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Falconry objects

Artistic objects dedicated to falconry

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Falconry is our passion

We create and produce artistic objects and accessories related to falconry

Why did we choose this Latin phrase for our brand?


“There is nothing more beautiful and more challenging”

Because falconry has deep and ancient roots and we believe there’s perhaps nothing like this phrase, attributed to Frederick II of Swabia, as a splendid and immediate description of the essence of falconry. 

Those who practice it are well aware of how much truth is contained in this sentence, because to achieve results in this practice we need to commit time, passion, intellect and we have to do it constantly, without interruption . But by sacrificing so much, we receive as much back, day by day, season after season, year by year.

Artistic objects relating to falconry

These are our motivations and our goals

We love falconry because we believe it is a source of elevation, both human and cultural. 

As a discipline it entails and demands from the participant not merely knowledge and study, but above all an ethical approach to things.
For us this is the most important aspect, essential in order to fully grasp the true meaning. 

This is the part of falconry we wish to validate and promote above all others, and in our case we seek to do so through the objects we create, inspired by this art.
Every one of our products encloses a small story related to this tradition and culture-steeped art, and we hope that as they circulate in the world they can help to publicise our vision of falconry.

 And we also like to think that owning one means sharing our ideas.
We’re proud to be idealists and dreamers; if we weren’t, we wouldn’t be falconers.

Falconry accessoires and objects

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Our products are dedicated to falconry, they are artistic, evocative objects, made with care and great passion and that try to interpret and represent the beauty of this art.